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Found Object Robot
April 26th, 2006

Here’s my illustration for this weekend theme for Illustration Friday: ROBOT I used an esemblage/found object technique for the sculpture. I haven’t done one of these since college and I loved working on it. I think I’m going to make some more!

Here are some neat esemblage/found object artists:
Maria Rendon
Michelle Stitzlein be sure to look here too.
Leo Sewell

**I am selling this piece! In a effort to make some money solely for the purpose of building a separate studio onto my house, I’ll be selling some original pieces. This particular piece is $250 US + shipping (payment through PayPal). It is mounted on 1″ thick birch plywood, ready to hang, and measures 11″x13″ to the top of the antennas. **

Email me if you’re interested. SOLD!

Stay tuned for more work for sale. Hopefully I’ll get some things together this week and post.

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