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It’s DONE!
December 7th, 2007

It’s finally done and I’ll start moving in today after I finish up some work for a client. Pictures to come!

Things I’ve learned:

  • I hate dirt
  • I hate sawdust
  • I never want to build a house (I knew that before but this experience has reinforced that)
  • I don’t have the desire to flip houses anymore (sad because I really thought it would be fun, now, not so much)
  • Putting on a roof does some major damage to your hands
  • I now know what people go through who suffer from arthritis of the hands. My pain only last a few days and it was horrible.
  • My most comfortable pair of sneakers are not good working shoes. Crocs are the way to go! Unfortunately I found that out late in the game after weeks of soar feet.
  • Don’t let a 3 year old load up her own paint roller.
  • Paint and stain do go through a drop cloth – what’s the point?
  • Caulk and trim will hide most anything
  • Goody’s Body Pain powders are good stuff

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