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Licensing Postcard
August 23rd, 2008

I worked on a new mailer for licensing. Not 100% sure I like it yet though. I want to go ahead and get some promos out there and then figure out what my next step is for promotion. I don’t think postcards are the entire way to go for this type of work so I’m coming up with some other ideas. I’ve found a lot of companies who have take email submissions so I’ve emailed them my tearsheets. It’s been fun watching my stats as these companies come to visit my site.

I’ve also loved having the opportunity to just play. I’ve been experimenting with textures and more collage in my work. I’ve been able to break more rules and get out of the ridgidness (is that a word?) I’ve put myself into with children’s illustration. I’m loving it!

I have big plans and expectations for my licensing work and I’ve been tackling it like I did when I first started out to become an illustrator. It’s been so fun and I’ve already learned so much!! I’ve even decided to take on a marketing assitant who will do a great job for my business and I think be a great agent/rep one day. She has a sales background and is used to the phone call, meet and greet scene (something I’m not into and don’t like very much) plus, I’ll have someone to travel with for trade shows and such. Plus part of her responsibilities is window shopping so that’s right down her alley! I’ll be sharing what all she’s doing for me throughout the process.

Thanks to everyone for the “good luck” and “advice” emails. I really want to thank Vela at Little Star Soup for being so generous with information. Isn’t her work the cutest?

By the way, my desk still looks like it does from the last post. Maybe I’ll have time to clean it today….

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