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Our Summer Adventure
June 9th, 2009

This summer we have decided to spend the weekends without cable tv, internet access or air conditioning. We’ll be spending time at my grandparent’s farm about 30 miles from our house. The farm has been in my family since around 1918 and is where my grandparents lived up until 4 years ago when they had to move to assisted living. My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago and now my grandmother (who will be 93 this week!) lives with my mom just down the street from us.

In the last couple of months my husband and I had a realization on how we spend our family time and on the long drive to Surtex a few weeks ago it became clear to me on what we needed to do. My grandparents’ house has been vacant for a while but has been pretty well maintained for such an old house. We’re stepping in and cleaning some things up, making repairs and restoring some woodwork so it will become a place where family can come and enjoy it again.

The above picture is of the porch swing that has been in place all these years. I remember being around four or five and swinging on it. The Woog and I got some pretty good time on it this past weekend. Still had the same old feel and same old creeks.

The Woog and I have brought along our new Moleskin journals to document our summer while still being creative on the weekends. I packed up a little journaling kit for us to use with paint and color pencils.

I did a few pages (which will later include some photographs I’ve taken) and here are a couple:

The Woog also did a few pages and they can be seen here.

I’ll try and blog once a week on our weekend “adventures.” Stay tuned!

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