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Weekend Farm Life #2
June 17th, 2009

Another weekend at the farm yielded carpet removal from the dining area, living room and den (reveling beautiful red oak wood floors) so I didn’t get a chance to write in my journal over the weekend but the Woog did. We also hung up a swing in the front yard for it. She wants to paint it pink but I think she’s going to have to settle for red or brown.

We re-arranged some furniture and brought my great-aunt’s cedar chest into the living room to use as a coffee table. There were just a few of her things in there. She had no children so I think my grandparents ended up with a lot of her things. Below is a picture of her I found in the chest (I’ve always thought she had the coolest middle name):

Ethel Lotus Walker

She was born in 1900 and died in 1995. The only thing I really remember about her was that my granddaddy would pick her up and take her to church every Sunday. I used to always wonder if my brother would take me to church when I was older. I didn’t think so then and I still don’t think he would :)

In keeping with the historic theme of the summer I signed up for ancestry.com to document some things. I haven’t really found out anything I didn’t know, but it will be a good place to have everything documented.

This weekend I plan on taking it easy, exploring some of the old barns, more photography and catching fireflies with the Woog. I saw some old Ball canning jars in the garage so we’ll catch them with those. One good thing about your grandparent’s living through the depression is things you played with and used when you were a kid, can now be used and played with by your kids because they saved EVERYTHING!

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