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Make and Do
June 3rd, 2010

As a child I remember pouring through my 1981 edition of Childcraft’s Make and Do book year after year making things. I even had a little song made up for it and still sing it in my head when I see the book:

“Makin’ do, makin’ do. I just love o’ makin’ do.”

I have it “displayed” in my studio with some of my inspirational books:

We went to the library Tuesday and they had their books sale going on and I spotted the 1974 edition and had to have it. Fifty cents later it was all mine! It wasn’t full color and the illustrations throughout are amazing and very Mary Blair’esk:

I had the Woog browse through the blue one this morning and see what things she could make by herself and of course she choose things that required supplies we didn’t have, like coffee can stilts. She then found a page about making clay animals and did that. My favorite things to make were:



I always wanted to make potato stamps but I guess they were too messy or we didn’t have potatoes. But I see potato buying in my future though. Looks like a good Woogie Wednesday project. Hey, maybe we can do a Julie & Julia type things and go through the entire Make and Do book in a year. Yeah, not likely!

In other news, since I switch my blog over to WordPress, my RSS feed seems to have changed so be sure to update your feeds.

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