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Just Published!
January 15th, 2011

This fall I mentioned a BIG project I was working on to be published in February. Well, the “publisher” decided to release it early (5 weeks early to be exact). But we couldn’t be more excited!

4 inches of snow
10 hours of labor
3 doses of epidural meds &
1 little man (with a pretty awesome head of hair)

Title: Holland O’Hare Conger
Alternate Titles: O’Hare, Ocee, SnO’Hare, Little Brother
Release Date: 4:14pm – January 10th, 2011
Product Dimensions: 5lbs. 12.5oz x 18″
Edition: 1st
Print run: 1
Other titles by this author: Walker Conger, big sister

category: latest work, ocee, woogie

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