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I Believe
January 17th, 2013

Early this week a very close friend of my cousin was in a skiing accident and has severe spinal cord injures. Her name is Lindy and although I’ve never met her, she has been in my prayers and on my heart all week. Instead of checking facebook for my daily dose of what people are eating for lunch or what plans they have for the weekend, I check to find an update on Lindy and my newsfeed is full of people talking about her, several like me that don’t know her personally but are amazed by her story and are rooting her on. I think what hits me most is that she has a 6 month old son and the simple pleasure of holding him again is going to be an uphill battle. She has an incredible support system and her given motra has become “Believe in Lindy.” Please check out this blog post to learn more about her and her spirit. I #BelieveInLindy and after reading it I know you will too!

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