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September 8th, 2013

This blog post has been something I wanted to write for a long time, just so I could look back and see all the little things I do because my grandparents did them and how they transport me back to that time. Since today is Grandparent’s Day, what better time to do it.

What I do because they did:

  • Feed the birds and the squirrels – ALWAYS!
  • Use Coty Loose Face Powder & Avon’s Satin Hands. The two scents instantly bring me back to Sunday mornings at my grandparents’ house, getting ready for church.
  • Have a garden – Every year I try and I hardly ever succeed at any kind of harvest (a few tomatoes and cucumbers here and there) but I keep at it every year.
  • Cucumbers with onions in vinegar or with sour cream and dill.
  • Say “scat” when my kids sneeze.
  • Sing the “yawning man” & “somebody’s getting sleepy” to my kids – which I can’t get through without yawning myself.
  • Give my kids a measuring cup to try and fill up with tears when they are crying and fussing from trying to get their way. I tied and tried to fill mine up as a kid, but I instantly couldn’t cry when she handed it to me. Smart woman!
  • Stop and watch Lawrence Welk when it’s on PBS – instantly places me to my grandparent’s living room
  • Always stay quite when the weather report is on – my granddaddy was a farmer and you HAD to be quite when the weather was on.
  • Fix deviled eggs for big family get-togethers.
  • Always have iced tea in the fridge and make it with a big pyrex measuring cup.
  • Use oscillating fans in the summer – love the sound of them.
  • Enjoy just sitting outside, preferable on a porch swing or rocking chair.

I see myself adding more things they did without even noticing and they then become a part of my daily life. I guess it’s just my way of keeping them close to me and I love that.

What do you do that your grandparents always did?

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