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Art Camp – Day 3
August 3rd, 2011

Well, I think Art Camp is going downhill. We only got the canvas collaged for our Junk A Doodles project so here’s our in-progress shot:

The Woog moved onto dancing and singing in her room and Ocee moved on to fussiness so we’ll try some more again tomorrow!

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Art Camp – Day 2
August 2nd, 2011

Today’s Day 2 of Art Camp and I think we are moving to half day camps. Although I would love to go all day making art and experimenting with new mediums, the Woog seems to lose interest after lunch and Ocee seems to be a bit fussy in the early afternoon. So, we’ll just focus on about 4 hours a day of art. Ocee didn’t make anything this morning due to napping plus today’s mediums were not a good fit for him. I might try something after his afternoon nap.

Today we finished up our boot paintings from yesterday:

And we did some scratch board art:

The Woog is giving this piece to a friend who will be coming over on Saturday to “make a music video.” Not sure what that involves.

While doing this piece I heard this about 50 times “Momma, that lady is really freaking me out.”

Tomorrow we’re devoting the day to Junk A Doodles!

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Art Camp – Day 1
August 1st, 2011

With only a week and a half left of summer vacation, this week was declared “Art Camp” in the studio and today was Day 1. We started off the morning with the Woog visiting my oil painting class. I painted while she sketched and looked at the techniques of the other women in the class. I even let her paint a little on my painting. We then came back to the studio and watched (pretty much in fast forward) a video of the biography of Pablo Picasso. We then started with the art!

First was oil painting of the Woog’s red cowboy boot (still in progress):

We had to “erase” her’s a couple of times until she got the hang of it. Ocee slept during this part of camp. probably better that way. I don’t think a 6 month old oil painting would have been a good idea.

Then when we couldn’t do anymore to our pieces until they dried some, sowe moved onto oil pastels:

Ocee join in after his nap. He took to the oil pastels fairly well by stabbing the paper with them

Tomorrow we have another full day of it so stay tuned!

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