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Tea Party Time
April 2nd, 2010

There’s a Tea Party coming with 19 squealing little girls. The Woog turns 6!


final (completed with glittery flowers on the printed version):

past parties & invites

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Happy Bithday Woog!
April 13th, 2009

The Woog turned 5 today! Now that she’s 5, she can apparently do a lot of things “since she 5 now.” We had a very small easter lunch and party after church with just us and grandparents. I also made a quick snow white cake.

Next week is her “BIG” party so lot of prep coming up this week! With a cold coming on, the easter bunny coming, cake and riding her new bicycle, she’s now zonked out on the couch.

Happy Birthday Woog!! I love you!!!

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Someone is turning 5!
April 10th, 2009

The Woog turns 5 on Easter so she’ll have double the goodies! Her party will have a school theme. These invitations were mailed in a clear envelopes from ClearBags so the world would see that “Walker turns 5!”

Thanks for all who donated and/or re-posted my last blog post. In one week (via a facebook & twitter campaign) they were able raise $7,000 and receive $2000 in skymiles. Very cool!!

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Cake and Taxes
April 15th, 2008

The W party went great! Here’s a picture of her cake. All the w’s are chipboard pieces that I bought on etsy.

Oh, and Happy Tax day to those in the US (or at least try and make it happy)! If you work at the IRS, my check will probably pay for your entire salary this year :)

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April 9th, 2008

Someone will turn 4 on Saturday!

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I’m 3!
April 4th, 2007

Well, I decided not to go the route I posted earlier for the invitation. It just wasn’t doing anything for me so I went with one of my first ideas. It’s a princess party so I think it’s appropriate!

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happy birthday
April 13th, 2005

Well, the party was Sunday and the theme was “colors” with some birds thrown in (of course). The Woog’s cake was a funky, lopsided cake to mimic her invitation, with a little clay bird topper and clay birds around the bottom. This was the first time she had anything sweeter than cake so she quite enjoyed it. She got tons of toys and surprisingly only one outfit.

Yesterday was the actual day and we went to the Dr. for her checkup (owwie shots!) and then to the science museum. Not much she could do at the museum but she enjoyed looking. And with all the commotion of the day and as tired as she was, we forgot to give her, her birthday card and little gifts from us. I guess she’ll have to open everything when she wakes up this morning. She did already get her big gift from us though. A pretty blue swing in the backyard!


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