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Happy 1st Ocee!
January 10th, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to the SWEETEST little boy I know!

And of course, a special lunch box note today for the Woog (“AaBa” as Ocee calls her):

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Happy Easter!
April 21st, 2011

A quick lunch box note for the Woog this morning. Have a good Easter everyone!

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lunch box note challenge – day 2
February 15th, 2011

It literally took me 2 minutes and this is a quick iphone snap. A colicy baby is finally catching up with me so I had little creativity and time this morning for a note, but none the less, here’s today’s note for the lunch box love challenge. The kicker…5 minutes before she left for school I found out she only has a half day, so she won’t even be eating lunch at school :(

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lunch box note challenge – day 1
February 14th, 2011

Here’s my note for the lunch box love challenge:

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a little lunch box love – the challenge!
February 8th, 2011

I’ve had this idea for several years and have decided to “launch” it with a challenge to all creative Moms (Dads, Grandparents, etc. can join in too!) to get out those craft supplies and send a little lunch box love in you’re child’s lunch everyday for the week of Valentine’s (Feb. 14th – 18th, 2011). You can get your juices flowing by looking at some here.

When my daughter was 3 I began making her notes when she would take her lunch to Mother’s Day out. Almost 3.5 years later, I’m still doing it. She chooses her lunch box every year based on if she think it has room to “display” a note. She looks forward to it everyday and will sometimes come into my studio the morning of and try to take a peek at what I’m making for that day, but I try and keep it a surprise until lunch time. They range from simple “i love yous” to more elaborate pieces that sometimes highlight what she’s learning at school or what’s going on that week. When we went to Disney a few years ago I did a countdown to Disney day in a series of notes, and this year when we were finding out if she would have a little sister or little brother, I counted down the days to the ultrasound via her lunch notes. It’s always been a little way to make her lunchtime special.

I’ll be posting her lunch notes everyday next week and I encourage you to do the same and send me a link to them or link them over on the “a little lunch box love” facebook page, where I’ll be posting notes, ideas and other lunch goodies throughout the year. If you have an older child, maybe a backpack note will work best, or if you have a younger child, think about adding a little note by their plate at lunch. Just show them that you love them!

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And so the summer begins…
May 27th, 2010

A first grader is officially in the house! We made it through kindergarten. After her graduation we put her to bed crying because she wanted to stay in Kindergarten and be with her teacher. I don’t know if she fully realizes that she won’t go to school all summer and when she goes back she’ll have a new teacher and classroom. Hopefully we will be able to gear her up for first grade and she will be as excited to start as she was for Kindergarten.

Over the last week or so we’ve been getting all our end of the year gifts in order which took a lot longer than expected and tried to work them all in between deadlines. Here’s just a few things we did to complete the school year:

Last lunch box note:

Gifts to ALL of her teachers (we past out 18 I think):

And then we made a Junk A Doodle® for her teacher for the end of the year gift:

We have a lot of fun summer things planned like teaching the the Woog to sew, tie-dye, etc. and we’re bringing Woogie Wednesdays back in full force so be on the lookout for that. For me, I’ll be using my summertime to work on a few projects that have been on my list to start and complete for some time now. They’re going to be good, I promise :)

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today’s THE day!
August 14th, 2009

Today’s the day!! When I got up this morning I saw that my husband had tweeted some of the lyrics to Martina McBride’s “In My Daughter’s Eyes.” Which was so not cool – trying to make me cry. If you haven’t heard it you can here. Prepare for boo-hooing! I kept it together though. She was raring to go this morning and couldn’t wait to leave wearing her cute little uniform.

I made her note and packed her lunch (today’s ice cream day!):

And off we went to school. Once we turned down the Kindergarten hall, she started getting apprehensive. When we left she started crying and had to leave her that way but we’ve already heard that the tears dried up when we left. I didn’t cry a bit! She’s been too excited for me to be sad.

And here’s a shot that every parent can get on the new day of school:

Bright white new shoes! Today is the last day they will ever be clean :( To celebrate tonight, we’re going to the Rainforest Cafe (her choice)! Thanks for all the well wishes via comments, facebook & twitter. I appreciate it!!

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8 days to go!
August 6th, 2009

I’ve been making lunch box notes for every school day since she was three. She went to Mother’s Day out twice a week, but now that she’ll be going five days a week, I’ve got to carve out some time to make one for everyday. I usually make the notes the morning before school, but I don’t think there will be time so I’ll have to make them in advance. I started photographing the notes but they piled up quickly and haven’t been able to shoot them individually yet (my plan is to compile a book of all the pictures, while the actually notes will stay in her keep sake box). You can see some notes here, but here are some of the notes from last year (click on the image to read the notes):

Today we collaborated on a little project. Much to the Woog’s delight, they will have ice cream in the cafeteria. So, I decided that she can get ice cream every Friday. I wanted to include a little ice cream cone in her lunch box on Fridays so she would know when she could get it. No note, no ice cream. So she picked out the colors and did some stamping on the ice cream while I put everything together and added more color. I then laminated it so I can reuse it for the entire year:

Tomorrow: Art for 7 days to go!

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