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Studio Reveal
December 21st, 2007

Well, it took 4 months but it’s finally done (see the process here)! Take a look:

*Here’s the outside entrance.

*Entry table that can been seen as you walk in from the kitchen

*Inside goodness (I love it!!). - Click image to see detail-

*My desk space.

*My bookcase with room to fill.

*The Woog’s “studio” as she shows everyone who comes in. She tells then “that’s where I do my artwork.” - Click image to see detail-

*This is a little thought bubble I made so I can switch out quotes.

*And even my register covers are creative. Done by my brother-in-law who does great ironwork.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I had a tiffany blue paint swatch for 2 years knowing that it would be the color of my studio someday, but I really wanted a warm and cozy space, so I decided to go with a green instead. I’ve got these on flickr too and will be adding in some comment notes so take a peek over there too.

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It’s DONE!
December 7th, 2007

It’s finally done and I’ll start moving in today after I finish up some work for a client. Pictures to come!

Things I’ve learned:

  • I hate dirt
  • I hate sawdust
  • I never want to build a house (I knew that before but this experience has reinforced that)
  • I don’t have the desire to flip houses anymore (sad because I really thought it would be fun, now, not so much)
  • Putting on a roof does some major damage to your hands
  • I now know what people go through who suffer from arthritis of the hands. My pain only last a few days and it was horrible.
  • My most comfortable pair of sneakers are not good working shoes. Crocs are the way to go! Unfortunately I found that out late in the game after weeks of soar feet.
  • Don’t let a 3 year old load up her own paint roller.
  • Paint and stain do go through a drop cloth – what’s the point?
  • Caulk and trim will hide most anything
  • Goody’s Body Pain powders are good stuff

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"The Entrance"
October 30th, 2007

Well, it really feels real now! I wish I had taken a before picture but under the top cabinet was another cabinet that I took out, tiled the “backsplash” area (to match the rest of the kitchen I did a few weeks ago), patched up the wood floor where the cabinet was, cut a hole in the wall and put my door up. Now I just have to put in a little bit of base board and shoe mold and it will be all done. Now I have a little mud roomish area (I love mud rooms) and an entrance to my studio! Today the shingles will finally go on!

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my doors are in!
October 22nd, 2007

I have a roof and my french doors are in!! I’ve given myself a deadline of Thanksgiving to have the entire thing done, inside and out. It’s supposed to rain everyday this week so I don’t know if shingles will go on or not. Once it gets all dried-in I can go ahead and get my electrical and insulation in and then I can start doing the drywall.

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More Studio Progress
October 18th, 2007

I’m a little behind on posting studio progress. This is how it looked last week. It’s over 300 square feet, but it’s so much bigger than I had imagined. We might have to take another day trip to IKEA to fill it up.

Yesterday the rafters went up. It’s been rainy this week and my contractor’s due to have a baby tomorrow so they’ll be some delays, but we’re so close too getting in all dried in. Can’t wait!!

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Studio Progress
October 3rd, 2007

Well, some wood is finally up along the wall. Hopefully we’ll have a floor by the end of the week. We had a setback last week when we were told we had to dig out our hill behind the studio so we had to get that done before we moved forward with anything else. Hopefully now we can finally start building up!

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Studio Update
September 14th, 2007

Well, the block was finished up yesterday and I think the next step is a drainage system and insulation on the block. It’s finally staring to look like something now!

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Studio Update
September 4th, 2007

Well, digging started:

And after 10 day and 18 truckloads of dirt, excavation is finally done!

Wow, I never imagined there would be so much dirt! Once it was all dug out I could see it is going to be so much bigger that I imagined. I can’t wait. Tomorrow the foundation is getting formed with wood and re-bar (I have no idea how it’s spelled!) is going in.

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It’s about to get very noisy here!
August 22nd, 2007

Well, it’s going to happen. Everything’s in place to build my new studio and I am so happy. I can’t wait to have a huge, organized, toy free space to work in. Ground should be broken tomorrow or Friday (depending on when the utilities finish up marking the lines) and it will be off and going. It’s being built directly behind the garage with access through the kitchen. The dimensions are 12′ x 27′ with french doors and 2 skylights. I’ll be documenting the process here. Can’t wait!

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